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Give a gift that keeps on giving – generation after generations

Acknowledge the lives of your parents and grandparents by giving them the tools to share their stories.

Imagine being able to hear stories about the courtships, hardships, successes and failures of your grandparents and great grandparents. The family narrative is a precious thing and you can start yours by gifting yourself or a loved one this 150 story bundle complete with the story builder module, the photo organizer, the family manager (with family tree displays) and the Interview Questionnaire Generator.

We Americans spend thousands of dollars laying our loved ones to rest and almost nothing on preserving their memories ensuring that their lives can live on in the hearts and minds of future generations.  Now you can do something about it for a little over $1.00 per story.

This gift box includes not just a means for helping your family record those stories, but also includes support to help get the story recording process started – and at a discount savings.

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Start your family narrative!

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Gift cards available on November 23nd, 2016.  Product launch on December 15, 2016