Breathe Life Into Your Family Tree

How well do you know your family members? Why should you care?

Studies have shown the benefit to children knowing the stories of their grandparents and feeling they are part of something much larger than themselves.


eOurStoriesAreUs is a website that was designed to provide a structure and set of tools to engage family members in creating oral histories around the family photo collection.

Most of us over 40 know someone who has lost a parent or grandparent regretting that they did not ask them questions about their life experiences?  Let’s face it, taking the time to get to know someone for who they are as a person rather than a parent or grandparent means taking the time to step outside of themselves and entering into the space of another person’s history.

Taking the time to interview and capture stories of loved ones is not an easy thing to do when career and raising family seems to be the order of the  day.

This is why was created. It does not need to be a big project. Our system leads you through the process one short story at a time and is perfect for all those milestones each individual passes through like birthdays, courtships, anniversaries, even deaths. 

When creating a short story celebrating any of the milestones your life and your loved ones will be enriched in the moment and loved one’s memories will live on.