Story Formats

Stories can be told in various formats. Here we provide examples of several types.

Photos Only Format

Photo only stories are created very quickly just by uploading photos and sequencing them in a way that best tells the story. These stories are automatically created with a six second duration for each image. Stories of this type might include: “Favorite photos from our favorite charity”. 

Click to play “HEDAC”

Photos With Music Format

In OurStoriesAreUs you can enhance a photo-only story with music by uploading an audio file.

Click to play “Chips”, photos with music

Photos With Voice Narrative Format

In OurStoriesAreUs you can record voice narrative to help tell the story.

Click to play “Evolution of a Business Man”
photos with voice narrative

What happens when photos are not available or there are too few for a storyline?

Audio only stories are sometimes necessary when the person who the story is about has passed and there is audio available such as from old cassette tapes.  In other cases the subject of the story is available to record but photos have been lost. Here are two examples of how OurStoriesAreUs handles these cases.

Story background for this sample story: Sam had already passed but his voice had been captured on cassette tape at a Christmas gathering when the grandchildren sat around asking him about his life 5 years earlier. We digitized the cassette tape so we could incorporate it in OurStoriesAreUs.

Story is told via the audio embedded player

Adding visuals to an audio only story can be done with a combination of a few photos, plus  images from the Internet, plus Text Slides.

      Text Slides

       Images From Internet