Preserve Family Stories Online


[one-time-fee, not a subscription]
An inter-generational family solution for preserving photos and sharing family stories across generations.


An inter-generational family product. For a one-time-fee you can organize the family photo collection in the cloud, create a family tree, access interview templates, and even record the stories in the voice of those living the experiences.

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This solution includes the ability to:

  • create 50 stories (50 stories about a family member’s life, or 1 story on 50 family members’ lives)
  • upload and organize 5,000 photos
  • create two views of family trees
  • customize interviews for family members

Need more stories or photo allotment? Just purchase an additional story bundle starting at just $39 to add more stories and photos when the time comes.

Hint: Consider purchasing more than 1 and gift other family members. This allows each family to share a single multi-generational family tree so everyone is not re-creating the family tree. In addition, everyone can comment on each others’ photos to get the whole story.


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