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According to AdWeek, there is a 50% chance that your gift will get re-gifted, returned, thrown away or not appreciated.  You however, can reduce that probability to 0% with a heartfelt meaningful account of what your mom means to you.



Take gifting to another level this year and propel yourself to



Score Big Time on Mother’s Day

Create online stories

Capture family stories across generations. Create up to 50 stories and store up to 5,000 photos

Cost: One-time-fee of



Digitize Mom’s photos

and ensure her memories live on for generations. Includes scanning of up to 500

Cost: One-time-fee of


Create a Photo Book

that captures the stories of your mom’s life. Includes up to 200 photos in an 8 x 11 hardcover photo book.

Cost: One-time-fee of