Everyone has stories to tell. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.


cathy-dad-300x209 The value of taking the time to review photos of you and a parent while recording your recollections is priceless.  The importance of spending the time reminiscing with a parent and grandparent cannot be understated. Your kids will value these stories as will future generations.


courtship-300x233 Courtships are the foundation of family units and always make an interesting story. How did the couple meet? How long was the courtship? What were the best and worst times? What were the greatest challenges and how were they overcome? What advice do they have for other?


pregnant 85493 Pregnancies are the birth of a new story? Each pregnancy and each child is unique. Record your pregnancy experience to share with your child when they get older. How did you feel? What were your hopes, aspirations, and fears for your child? Share your story with them when they are having their own first child.


ken anna 48900 Inter-generational stories help children understand they are part of something larger than themselves. With OurStoriesAreUs, kids and grandparents can interview each other and create stories together and have those memories to cherish forever.


annaabby-jeremy-013104-206-5Recall the birth of your first child. What were you doing? How did that impact your life? How did you feel about it? Share the story with them when they are your age, and they will share it with their children.


charles_ww1-300x193Short biographies are a good way to get started quickly. Gather several photos of a family member and describe their life in terms of what they did and what they meant to you.


moonwalkInterview someone who lived through a major event. What was their life like just before, during and after. How did the event change them?


familyunit-300x251Select photos of your family members and create narrative that explains what makes the family special or different than most? What does the family mean to you?


family-games-300x203What games did your family play? Who cheated the most? Who won the most? When did you stop playing and why?


college-days-300x215Where did you go to school? Was was your experience like? Were you popular, a good, average or poor student? Did you work your way through college, or benefit from the GI bill? Did you follow the path your parents wanted you to take? What would you do if had a do over?


annaabby053005-001-300x224 Show them pictures of their first day of school, vacations, parties, bike etc. and record them talking about them. Kids look to the future. Ask them what they want to be. Record their recollections in their sweet little voices. They will love sharing them with their own kids and grand kids.


pumpkin2-300x200Select a few photos of a grandparent interacting with a grandchild. Record them together with the audio tool without making a big deal. Create a story of that relationship. They both will value it tremendously.


27917-300x194The first car is always a winner. Everyone remembers their first whether it was their first bike, car, girl/boy friend, date, prom, wife. These all make great stories. Consider creating a story of all the cars you owned and the pictures and a few stories relating to the adventures on the road and in the car.


hobbyi-300x206Hobbies also reflect who a person is. Were they creative? Were they task and detail oriented? What did they choose to paint or build? Which family member ended up with those masterpieces?


46021Photograph the diary so all siblings and grandchildren can have access to it. Diaries are a glimpse into one’s life. What did they write about? If possible get the family member to read a few excerpts so you can archive the diary in their voice.


x-wedding 0ctMilitary service can be a subject that impacts a family’s life in many different ways whether it was during war time or peace time. Be sure to include a few pictures of one’s military career and explore how that time serving impacted the family.  Even civilian lives were change drastically because of the war and these stories too are worth saving.


xmas-300x206What holidays and family traditions did you celebrate? How important were they to you? Choose a favorite holiday season and show photos across a number of years and and record a conversation sharing your memories.


hamilton-school1-300x203Whether it is a hobby or a career, many talented amateur artists have come and gone without recognition. Make sure you photograph those pieces you or your parents and grandparents created before they dissipate into the descendant pool.  This way everyone can appreciate the creative side of the person.


scrapbook-300x212What do you do with the scrapbooks that were so lovingly put together by the creative minded parent? You can’t divide them up among the kids/grandkids. Scan or photograph each page and if possible, record the parent reminiscing page by page. It will be a treasure shared by all siblings and grandchildren.