In our early years, our gaze is to the future anticipating our next mile stones. Older adults on the other hand gaze into the past reflecting on where they came from and they came to be where they are in life.  Memories become ever more important in those later years. The sooner one starts capturing those memories the better clarity one has. OurStoriesAreUs is an investment in the future and the past.

Give the gift of memories to a loved one or to yourself. Join OurStoriesAreUs.com and capture those family stories. Build a family narrative that spans generations by gifting some of your story allotment to your parents, grandparents, siblings and others who you care about. When you gift other family members each family can see each others’ photos and stories and share a single family tree.

As Anthony Brandt said, “Other things may change us but everything begins and ends with family.” What better gift is there than the gift of memories.


This is how you can save money and make it a family gift so you don’t have to write the stories yourself (unless you want to).


  1. Choose “Best Value” package and save $40 (through Dec 2018) – use coupon code HAPPYFAMILY
  2. Fill out a questionnaire (we will email it to you) indicating who you want to gift stories to
  3. Designate a single contact person to receive one-on-one complementary “getting started” training (optional)

NOTE: There is no monthly fee for anyone. Your one-time purchase permits you and the designated family member to take as much time as needed to create and share stories. When stories limits are reached all photos and stories remain viewable. To add photos or stories just purchase an additional story bundle starting at just $39.