Four Family Projects When Homebound

Whether you live alone or are quarantined with the kids, these projects can be divided up or done together as a team. Below is a summary of steps involved in each project with age appropriateness. Here are 4 projects that will breathe life into your photo collection and engage the family as well. Do them yourself one at a time or assign some of them to the kids.

Project 1: Create a Family Tree

Family trees are automatically generated from the People Manager module as family member names are added. 
Ages 10 to Adult. 

Enter the names of parents, siblings, spouse and kids

Create a family unit from your list of family members by selecting parents’ names. Then select the children of the parents. Family units do not have to be genetic and can be social units as well.

For each family member, find a photo with that person (preferrably head shot) then crop as needed. This will be used in the family tree charts.

Write a quick paragraph about each family member conveying anything you like. We suggest trying to summaries what kind of person he/she is/was plus career etc. This will be used as a quick bio. Stories of the person can be added later.

Your tree will display when all the above steps are complete just by clicking the Family Tree Module button. 

Project 2: Interview a Love One

Here you can create custom interview questionnaires for each family member to help get meaningful stories about their lives.
Ages 10 and up with parent assistance.

View questions from many different category lists and select those that relate to the person you are interviewing as you build your custom questionnaire.  

You can edit our questions and add your own to each interview questionnaire you create. You can edit questions to better fit the interview and you can add your own questions.

At the click of a button you can create a form with your questions, drag and drop them in the order you want them.

The form you created can be printed and is posted online. Just send the interview subject a link to the form and he/she can complete it online.

Project 3: Create Oral Stories

Record oral short stories wrapped around select photos.
Ages 10 and up. Younger people can assist older adults when they are not comfortable with computers.

Locate 12 to 20 photos on your computer relating to a single story line to upload.

Drag and drop photos in an order that best tells the story.

Write a short narrative about the experience represented in each photo

Record someone reading the narrative while clicking through the images.

Email the story to friends and family.

Project 4: Organize Your Photo Collection

Organize all your photos in the cloud. Put all your photos in one place for quick access from any computer.
Ages 10 and up with parent input.

Upload single photos, groups of photos or entire folders with photos.

Create albums to place select photos into to help organize

Add additional information to photos such as date taken, place taken, people in pictures, and comments. You can even invite others to provide their comments on your photos in both text and audio.

Filter photos based on date, place, people, keywords, original file name to help quickly locate photos of interest.

Generate slides show on the fly by filtered photos and albums. Photos in the Photo Organizer module are accessible from Family Tree and StoryBuilder as well.


What happens after your subscription expires? Not much. You can still see all your photos and stories.  Just reactivate your subscription to upload more photos and create more stories.