How does OSAU differ from other social media sites?

OurStoriesAreUs (OSAU) is not a traditional social media site in the sense that is was not designed to connect users with the general public. We offer a private space for families to connect and share individual stories across generations and to promote intergenerational connections. While stories and photos can be shared with anyone you like, the focus is on family.

How are you different from

We are different in almost every way. is a geneaology site providing tools to help you research your ancestors. We offer tools to help you capture stories of family members you already know or know about. We provide a platform for you to document and archive your stories for future generations.

How much does OSAU cost?

The monthly subscription fee is $4.99 per month and can be canceled at any time.

Why isn’t OSAU free?

An OSAU subscription is an investment in family. Many social media sites have no subscription fees but they derive revenues through ad sales or selling user data. We do neither. We prefer to focus our attention on meeting user needs as they document their family’s oral history.

Can I try OSAU for free?

Absolutely! Your first 7 days are on us. Simply create your free account to get started. If you love it, you can continue using OurStoriesAreUs for just $4.99/month, cancelable any time.

What happens to my photos and stories if my subscription expires?

When a subscription expires the account goes into a view-only mode.  You can always see your photos and play your stories. When expired; new photos cannot be uploaded and existing photos cannot be deleted. Stories cannot be created, deleted or edited and family trees can only be viewed. When there is a need to regain access for whatever reason, the user must activate their account by re-subscribing after paying a non-refundable re-activation fee.

What happens to my data if OSAU goes out of business or is bought out?

OSAU backs up data every day. We also offer you the ability to download all your stories, and images related to your stories, to your local computer. You can even view the images and play the stories without an Internet connection.

As a side note: best practices for data backup for individuals suggest copies in three separate locations such as on your computer, in your cloud space and a copy offsite stored on an external drive.

Will the subscription price increase over time?

Price increases may happen, however early adopters of OSAU (the first 1,000 users) will be grandfathered in as long as their subscription has never expired.