Achieving “Favorite Child” status

Achieving “Favorite Child” status

It turns out that nearly half of moms Regift, Return or Throw Away their Mother’s Day Presents.

 According to a May 11, 2017 article in AdWeek

“Of the 48 percent of moms who admitted to deep-sixing their presents, 15 percent re gifted them, 12 percent returned them, 10 percent donated them, 7 percent sold them—and 4 percent simply threw them out. But among the survey’s findings, perhaps this one was most telling: Twenty percent of moms said they’d rather spend quality time with their children than receive anything that comes in a box…”

Mother’s Day is an annual celebration and it is difficult year in and year out to get something completely unique all the time. But when you can, you should.

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“the favorite child”.