Life Enrichment Projects During Social Isolation

Social Distancing creates real challenges for Activity Directors and other Life Enrichment professionals as they try to keep residents engaged and the morale up. These activities are examples that we can work with you to customize for your unique situation whether residents are sheltered in their apartments and whether they have access to computers or not.

Activity 1: Interview

This activity gives residents the opportunity to review aspects of their life. It should be positioned as a fun way that residents learn more about each other, but not all at once.  Nuggets learned from this interview will be used in new activities in fun and interesting ways (see below). It can be printed and completed by hand, or filled out online.

View questions from many different category lists and select general questions that relate to the lives of the residents.

We can work with you to select a set of questions that are general enough to relate to all residents. You can edit our questions or add your own. 

At the click of a button you can create a form with your questions, drag and drop them in the order you want them.

The form you created can be printed or posted online. Hand the printed form to the resident or send the resident a link to the form and he/she can complete it online.

Activity 2: Family Tree

In this activity residents fill out the form by hand with family member information. We build the tree for them. This activity is designed to provide residents a framework for a life review (future activities) and to facilitate engagement with family members.

Enter the names of parents, siblings, spouse and kids

Create a family units indicating the name of the parents and the children of the parents. We will take this information and create the family tree.

For each family member, find a photo with that person and we can scan the photo if needed or it can be emailed to us.

Write a quick paragraph about each family member conveying anything you like. We suggest trying to summarize what kind of person he/she is/was plus career etc. This will be used as a quick bio. Stories of each person can be added later.

Your tree will display when all the above steps are complete just by clicking the Family Tree Module button and we will send you (or the activity director) a link to your tree that you can send to your family members as well. 

Activity 3: Who’s Who?

This is the first activity based on information from the first two activities. The game is ideal for residents sheltered in their apartment. When social isolation is over the activity can be resurrected as a group activity where each resident can further engage expounding on those experiences revealed in this activity.

Activity Director gets photo (or takes photo) of each resident participating for this worksheet. OurStoriesAreUs will scan photos if necessary.

From the Interview Activity responses, OurStoriesAreUs and/or Activity Director will create this Matching Game worksheet.

Resident draws line guessing which resident descriptor belongs to which resident.

Activity Director scores worksheets and distributes the correct answers to every one and awards some kind of incentive to winner just to make it more fun. (See Additional Activities below for example of a reward incentive.

When social isolation relaxes, residents can gather as a group and use this worksheet as a guideline to engage in Q & A and learn more about each other in more detail.

More Activities: 

There are many different directions activities can take once basic information is captured. 

Working with resident and/or family members, resident’s photos can be scanned in bulk laying the groud work for other activities.

Albums can be created to place select photos into to further organize the collection. For example: photos relating to the courtship years or military or career can each be their own activity and then shared with other residents or with family members.

Another activity could be once a group of photos relating to an experience (courtship years, e.g.) the resident can narrate the experience around those select photos and these can be shared in a group setting or privately with family. The options are endless.

Playing cards customized with residents’ photos can be created adding another dimension to card games. These make great awards for winners of activities such as Who’s Who above.


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