ACTIVITY DIRECTORS: KEEPING RESIDENTS ENGAGED was designed and created to foster human to human interaction through activities that share stories of life experiences. It is through the human interactions that life enrichment takes place. Such activities strengthen existing relationships and often help form new ones.

Two primary areas for story activities that facilitate human to human interaction follow. We have provided an example of each as well.  The first focuses on family interactions and the second is an example of a resident group activity.

Family Activity

Our interview question generator helps children explore the lives of their grandparents. These activities are sure to reveal untold stories that deserve to be recorded and shared with family and future generations.  Alternatively, some stories can be password protected and made available to a select few.

When help is needed, our services include training our clients and assisting in creating inter-generational programs that facilitate the creation and sharing of stories.


Resident Group Activity

Residents have a lifetime of experiences and are typically all from a common era. They have many interests in common that don’t get revealed until they begin to share stories of their life experiences as they reminiscence together. Engaging fun activities based on often catalyze new friendships and help forge new ones.

Stories created during these activities can be emailed to their family and friends and becomes part of the archived family narrative.


A win Win WIN!

Organizations charged with enriching the lives of elderly adults benefit in three major ways. First, the activities themselves are fun, personal and valuable experiences for the resident in the present. Second, families of the residents are given a valuable gift, insight to their own histories. And third, the organization derives very positive word of mouth exposure that can easily result in new business as the stories are often shared electronically with friends and families about the positive experience your institution has provided them. It is a win win win for the resident, the family and your organization.

Attention Activity Directors

If you share our belief in the proposition that capturing the stories of residents’ life experiences and using those stories as the basis of potential activities can help forge new connections within the community, we’d like to talk. If you need a way to engage family members with residents in a structured setting, we’ like to talk about that with you as well.