Every family has a story.

Tell yours and share it with future generations.


Record your family history, one short story at a time.

Tell your Covid-19 Story for free.

Your descendants will want to know what you went through.  Was Covid-19 a hoax? How did you feel about the politics of it? How did the pandemic impact your family? What side of history will you come down on?

Archive your pandemic story for free through August 2020.
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Honor the lives of your parents and grandparents.

When you tell their stories you
ensure their memories live on.

Write your own story.

Share your experiences, your trials and tribulations with future generations. Let them know what you know now and wish you had known then. 

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Engage the children in creating the family narrative.

They will not only learn they are part of something much larger than themselves but will feel a part of it.

As we journey through life our experiences write our stories. Start documenting yours here, one short story at a time.