The value of a photo collection is not the collection itself but the memories and stories that underlie the photos.

OurStoriesAreUs is an online set of tools to help you create family stories to pass down to from one generation to the next.

Our modular approach grows with your needs so you don’t have to use multiple websites or applications. Here you can keep generations of family members’ stories to share with current and future family members across multiple households.

Each module stands on it own.


Use just the Photo Manager module to store and organize all your photos in one place (the cloud). Upload individual photos or entire folders,  comment photos, create albums,  generate slideshows share your photos with other family members or groups of people where specific people or groups can only see select photos. A great solution to saving all those photos tucked away in your closets, shoe boxes and photo albums.


Invoke the Story Builder module when you want to take those photos to the next level. Easily upload photos you want to use in a story, sequence them in the order that best supports the story line, create comments and a narrative for the story and then record the story in the voice of the person that lived the story or knew the person that the story revolves around.


When you add people from the Peopole Manager Module and create family units, Family Trees are generated automatcially. Use the Family Tree module to scroll up and down several generations at a time (supports unlimited generations). As a standalone module you can create a brief story (bio) for every family member. The other modules also interface with the Family Tree module. This module allows convenient access to all photos or stories of any family member at the click of a button.


Getting a good story requires asking the  right interview questions in order to gain insight as to who a person is and what that person’s life was like. The Interview Questionnaire module contains  templates of questions in many categories. By selecting individual questions in multiple categories of your choosing and modifying those questions and then adding your own questions – you effectively custom design interviews specific to each individual family member. This module too  can be used independently when documenting someone’s story and is handy even when just using pencil and paper. It is  most useful in conjunction with the other modules.

Taking the Family Narrative to the Next Level also addresses a family’s need to share photos, stories and trees across a network of households. As families grow the new family members’ photos and stories can be connected and made available through permissioning. As family members age they can even assign the right to manage their information, photos and stories to other family members.

6 Reasons why Delivers

1) We guide you through the process

Our story wizards guide you through the process of creating a story depending on which story format you choose.

2) Interview Questionnaire Generator

The right interview questions lead to the story behind the story.  Our questionnaire templates will help get you started.

3) Recording Voice Narrative

Flip through your photo sequences and just start talking or use our narrative development feature to help craft the message.

4) Photo Organizer - A Family Solution

Upload photos and worry about the story behind them later. Keep all your photos in one place, in the cloud.

5) Family Trees and Lineage Trees

The family and lineage tree views offer a quick and convenient way to access photos and stories related to each family member.

6) Multiple Story Formats

Choose the story format that works best for your specific situation; audio only, voice narrative with photos, and photos set to music.

7) Constant access to your stories

When your membership expires, you maintain access to your stories and photos indefinitely.  Download stories to your local computer or save them to your personal cloud account.

OurStoriesAreUs Features Overview

Each of us is a product of those that came before us. The People Manager is where you add family member names and define relationships.  Having identified family members by name allows you to tag photos with who is in the picture for quick access. You can also create groups of people which allows you to share specific photos and stories with just those people in the group.

Family tree views are automatically generated from the Manage People module. In the family tree views you can quickly access a short bio of family members, quickly access all photos that person is in, and view all stories that relate to that person, It is easy to move up and down the family trees viewing multiple generations at a time.

Now that you have selected several photos, crafted a story narrative, you can bring it to life by recording the narrative right at you computer. Imagine hearing your grandfather talk about his experience in the war or your grandparents together talking about how they met, the hardships they endured and how they persevered. When the subject of the story has already passed, hearing the story told in the voice of the spouse, son or daughter is the next best thing. Audio only stories can be recorded even when there are no photos available.

For those of us not sure what questions to ask when planning to interview a loved one, our Interview Questionnaire Generator allows you to build a custom interview questionnaire for any individual. Just select a category template and select the questions from that template to add to your custom questionnaire. You can edit each question to make it more specific to the person. You can add your own questions to the questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is created you can print it and take it with you to do an audio recording, email the questionnaire and let them reply to your questions in writing, or save it as a form where they can access it online and fill it out. This option is great because when used as a first step, their response to your initial questions will undoubtedly lead to additional question helping you drill down to reveal even more interesting details of their lives.

Don’t Put it Off. Honor the Life of Someone You Love. Get Started Today!

Do It One Short Story at a Time.

Is there anyone in your family worth remembering?

Prices start for as little as a one-time fee (not a subscription) of just $79 allowing you to create 15 short stories with access to all modules. Create 15 stories about a loved one or 1 short story about 15 loved ones. Takes as much time as you need. UNLIKE other subscription based solutions you are not penalized for taking your time. What happens after you reach your story limit? Nothing. You still have access to the stories you have created.