Every family has a story.

Tell yours and share it with future generations.


Record your family history, one short story at a time.

FREE TRIAL: Record your Covid-19 Story

WAS COVID-19 A HOAX? How did you feel about the politics of it? How did the pandemic impact your family? What side of history will you come down on? 

Archive your pandemic story FOR FREE so future generations will have a record of your thoughts and expericnces. Your descendants will want to know.
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Product Features and Function

Family Trees (included)


Create a family tree showing family members from unlimited generations. Each family tree photo links to photos and stories of the respective person.

Interview Questionnaires (included)


Get quality stories from custom interviews. Many templates from multiple categories of questions.

Oral Stories (included)


Develop a written story narrative related to select photos and use StoryBuilder  to convert it to an oral history.

Cloud Based Photo Organizer (included)


Organize the family photo collection from multiple households and multiple generations so the entire family can see and comment each others’ photos.

An OurStoriesAreUs.com subscription is an investment in family where everyone can participate.

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